Project Implementation

We can work with you through some or all of the stages needed to assess, develop and implement a project:

Prefeasibility or scoping studies

Enecon can examine the basic concepts of a project to determine whether further work is warranted. This can include investigation of markets, feed materials, plant sizes, technology options, product utilisation and phases for project implementation. Preliminary financial analyses and risk analyses can be carried out to assess the robustness of a project before large sums of money are committed.

Feasibility studies (development phase)

Once a project has passed the initial stage, Enecon can assist with more detailed feasibility study work to examine plant costs and characteristics for agreed feeds, plant sizes, sites and product markets. Design and layout may be optimised at this stage. This work provides a greater degree of accuracy in project financial analyses so that implementation of a project is based on a fully defined opportunity, risks are understood, and the project is costed in detail that is sufficient for funding approvals.

For some products the detailed feasibility work may include trial manufacture and marketing, and definition of quality parameters for feeds and products. Enecon can assist in the organisation and management of these activities.

Market definition

The success of any new venture is completely dependent upon having a reliable, long term market for the product. Unfortunately it is often easy to let the technology or the theoretical potential of a project divert attention from this important point. With many energy projects, the variability of energy use is the key determinant of project scale and viability. Enecon can optimise a plant with this in mind.

Detailed engineering and project management

Enecon can assist with the detailed design, procurement, construction and project management work that moves a project through to an operating plant. This includes regard for environmental issues, approvals, design checks, budget management, sub-contractor selection and all other components of a successful project.


The nature of each project will determine the mix of skills and experience needed for its proper execution. Enecon can lead such work. Alternatively we can contribute as part of a larger team. Our goal is not to maximise work for Enecon, but rather to help each client achieve a successful and cost-effective outcome. With this in mind, it is important to define all of the issues and activities for the project at its commencement, and agree on the spread of activities between the client, Enecon and other specialist personnel.