November 2016 - Assistance with new process plant

Enecon is providing a range of assistance to a client that is building a new manufacturing plant in Australia based on an operating facility in Europe.  Activities include advice on local procurement, ensuring compliance for equipment sourced from overseas and waste management options.

September 2016 - Bioenergy Australia

Bioenergy Australia (BA) is the peak national body for bioenergy in the country. At its 2016 annual general meeting Enecon’s Colin Stucley was elected as Chairman of the association.  Colin has previously been a member of the management team and the foundation board for BA and looks forward to working with the other board members and BA personnel to further the successful use of bioenergy in all its forms.

August 2016 - Activated carbon

Enecon is helping a confidential client to assess the technical and commercial feasibility of making activated carbon from biomass residues.  Initial work is focused on small-scale trials to optimise process conditions and product quality.

May 2016 - Tank farm upgrade

Enecon is providing mechanical and process design services for a client in the hazardous liquid waste industry.  Work has included specification of new tanks and mixers, layouts and ensuring compliance with AS 1940.

February 2016 - Bioenergy course work

Enecon’s Colin Stucley presented the bioenergy lecture at the Gottstein Wood Science Course that is run regularly at CSIRO in Clayton, Victoria. Colin has been the bioenergy presenter at this course for more than fifteen years.

December 2015 - Hazardous waste plant

Enecon is working for a major Australian waste management company to assist with the detail design of a hazardous waste processing plant in Sydney.

August 2015 - Cogeneration study

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation has engaged Enecon to lead a study of cogeneration opportunities in meatworks. The study will look at a range of equipment to be incorporated into existing operations or to be included in site expansions.

April 2015 - High-temperature processing module

Enecon was engaged by a confidential client to assist with the detailed design of a modularised processing unit for high temperature destruction of chemical wastes. This custom-built module was made in Australia for an overseas client.

October 2014 - Gas cleaning

Enecon has been asked to review a liquid waste problem at a client's chemical processing plant, where changes to the process over time need to be reflected in changes to the emissions control system. Enecon reviewed several options for clean-up of the emissions, and made recommendations for suitable equipment, and for changes to the way the emissions were measured.

July 2014 - Due diligence

Enecon regularly carries out due diligence work and this month has commenced an assignment to review and comment on work associated with a high temperature plant being built in Australia with European process design and equipment.

March 2014 - Biofuels presentation

In March Enecon’s Colin Stucley made a presentation on the commercial status of advanced biofuels at a special meeting organised by the Industry Capability Network. That presentation can be downloaded here (2.0 MB PDF).

February 2014 - Options for wood residues

Enecon has commenced two separate assignments for state government groups. Both studies are looking at bioenergy options for wood residues.

December 2013 - Hazardous waste disposal

Enecon is assisting a client with the dismantling of a facility using hazardous materials. This work involves management and safe disposal of large quantities of acid and, where possible, recovery of materials for recycling.

June 2013 - Bioenergy webinar

Enecon director Colin Stucley presented a webinar on bioenergy for Forest and Wood Products Australia.

April 2013 - Biofuels presentation

Enecon director Colin Stucley gave a presentation on advanced biofuels at the 2013 Residues to Revenues conference in Melbourne this month. The talk highlighted recent progress with technologies and the construction and operation of a number of commercial scale plants overseas, making ethanol and hydrocarbon transport fuels from feeds such as straw, wood and MSW.

February 2013 - Pilot plant development

Enecon has been engaged to assist with the development of a pilot plant for a confidential client. The client has substantial process expertise but requires assistance with activities such as site development and the specification and selection of equipment.

November 2012 - Bioenergy report released

Enecon has completed a significant bioenergy report titled “Bioenergy in Australia – status and opportunities”. The client is Bioenergy Australia, the country’s national association for bioenergy.

This document is a major update to a report prepared by Enecon in 2004. Totalling 340 pages, it includes more than 20 chapters by Enecon personnel and leading bioenergy experts from Australia and New Zealand. The report is available from the Bioenergy Australia website and may also be downloaded here (PDF file of 9.3 MB)

October 2012 - Organic Rankine Cycle systems

Organic Rankine Cycle units may be used to generate power from waste heat and also from dedicated heat plants. Size, efficiency and cogeneration options vary from project to project. Enecon is working on two separate feasibility studies to optimise ORC units for new and existing sites.

May 2012 - Bioenergy Australia

This month marks the establishment of Bioenergy Australia as an independent not-for-profit organisation that provides a forum for more than 80 groups interested in bioenergy in Australia. Initially set up through the Australian Government’s Rural Industries R&D Corporation, Bioenergy Australia has moved to independent status over the past year, in close consultation with its members in government, industry and academia.

Enecon director Colin Stucley was a member of Bioenergy Australia’s management committee while the organisation was affiliated with RIRDC and is now a founding board member of the new entity.

February 2012 - Compliance review

Enecon has commenced a design review for a novel boiler. The unit is being built by a European company that specialises in combustion of particular waste materials and Enecon has been engaged to ensure that all design complies with relevant Australian standards, emission requirements and so on. In parallel with this work Enecon is assisting the boiler’s purchaser with approvals and other activities.

September 2011 - Five year milestone with client

This month marks the fifth anniversary of Enecon commencing work with a major Australian recycling company. Over the past five years Enecon has completed multiple assignments for this company, ranging from hazard studies through to multi-million dollar plant upgrades. Throughout this period Enecon has sought to provide services that complement the client’s own personnel and expertise.

July 2011 - Gasification Study

Enecon has commenced a bioenergy study for a large organisation that wishes to use renewable energy generation at its operating sites to reduce its carbon emissions. The study builds on initial activities by the client and is broadly directed at assessing the opportunity for a biomass gasifier of approximately 1 MW electrical output.

November 2010 - Technology scale-up

Enecon has assisted a confidential client with the development of an innovative new technology with application in the metallurgical industry. Our work included the appraisal, automation and scale-up of an existing pilot plant so that it may be utilised in the design and development of a larger, semi-commercial plant. We worked with the client’s own personnel and also selected and managed specialist sub-consultants.

July 2010 - Assisting with optimal plant operation

Many process plants are a combination of designs, functions and equipment that have been built over a period of years or even decades. Getting the best out of these plants requires a well-managed work environment, comprehensive procedures that are easy to use, and regular reviews of equipment and processes for safety and operability. Enecon is pleased to be assisting one of its clients with a variety of site reviews and updates to ensure that the client’s multi-purpose site is operating efficiently and safely.

June 2010 - An Overview of Bioenergy in Australia

This newly released report by Enecon principal Colin Stucley, provides a factual overview of Australia’s bioenergy industry to assist in the development of the National Bioenergy RD&E Strategy. This strategy aims to improve coordination of RD&E across Australia and involves all stakeholders with an interest in bioenergy RD&E including industry, research organisations and funding bodies. The report is available here as a 903KB download.

January 2010 - Bioenergy assignments

Enecon has a variety of bioenergy assignments underway for clients in industry and government at present. Work includes:

  • Overviews of bioenergy for two federal government departments.
  • A biofuels study for a major industry client.
  • Feasibility work to examine technology selection and costing for a plant to generate several megawatts of renewable electricity from wood waste. This is one of several such studies undertaken by Enecon over the past twelve months for clients across Australia and also in the Pacific.

October 2009 - Water quality skid

Enecon has designed and built a water quality monitoring skid for one of its clients. The skid is used for water monitoring activities across a site and is designed to be capable of relocation and remote operation as required. Enecon’s role included on-site commissioning and operator training as well as full documentation for the client.

April 2009 - Project management skills utilised

Enecon has taken on an interesting assignment - to assist a client with the close-out of a multi-million dollar project that had gone over budget and time. Enecon provided a senior manager to review the work and claims by the various parties, including the previous project manager, designers and construction contractor.

December 2008 - Bioenergy work

Jim Bland, Enecon's Technical Director was invited to deliver a paper on charcoal production from biomass feedstock at the annual Bioenergy Conference in Melbourne.

Jim has spent significant time interstate over recent months, conducting operating trials for a client considering new charcoal technology.

November 2008 - International support for client

Senior Mechanical Engineer Steve Kennett travelled to Europe to support the activities of one of our Australian clients. Steve's work involved specialised design and fabrication management, followed by on-site commissioning in a chemical processing environment.

August 2008 - Minerals processing assignments

Enecon was engaged on a fast track materials handling project for BHP Billiton at GEMCO on Groote Eylandt in mid 2008. Subsequently our role within their minerals processing operation has expanded and we now have a team on the island providing engineering and construction management, project engineering and design drafting services on a FIFO basis. The site personnel are supported by design engineers and drafting personnel in Enecon's Melbourne office. We are pleased to be providing a flexible and pro-active service to GEMCO.

March 2008

Enecon Director Colin Stucley was a presenter at the first national conference for the Oil Mallee industry, held in Perth in March 2008.

Enecon is also working forestry consultants URS to prepare an Industry Development Plan for the Oil Mallee industry. This plan should be available publicly through the OMC in the third quarter of 2008.

September 2007 - Enecon recognised for Engineering Excellence

Winning team
The winning team with their awards

Friday, 21st September: Enecon and Verve Energy were winners at the 2007 Engineers Australia Engineering Excellence Awards in Perth today. Enecon and Verve took out the awards for Best Environmental Project and also Best Project for Rural Communities. This is wonderful recognition of the innovation and hard work that has gone into the Integrated Wood Processing plant at the country town of Narrogin, WA over the past few years.

August 2007 - Enecon MD presents to WA Bioenergy forum

Tuesday, 8th August: Colin Stucley of Enecon was a key speaker at a public forum to discuss bioenergy in the Avon catchment of Western Australia. The forum in York, WA included the WA Minister for Energy, the Hon. Francis Logan, as well as several other speakers experienced in bioenergy and tree cropping. Mr Stucley's presentation is available here (1.4MB PDF).

Enecon has recently completed a study of near term bioenergy options that could promote larger scale tree planting in the Avon. The report Bioenergy in the Avon, can be downloaded as a 1MB PDF.

Enecon gratefully acknowledges the efforts of Avongro Wheatbelt Tree Cropping and funding by the WA Sustainable Energy Development Office for this work.

May 2007 - Mallee moves to next phase

The integrated tree processing (ITP) project has moved into a new phase with Verve Energy (owners of Western Carbon Pty Ltd) calling for expressions of interest from private industry to assist with development of the next processing plant. Verve has prepared a detailed information memorandum that discusses work to date and plans for the future. This memorandum will be made available to organisations interested in and capable of collaboration on this exciting next phase for ITP. Please see here for more details.

December 2006 - Enecon moving to new address

Enecon have relocated to new, larger offices in Surrey Hills, Victoria. For details, click here (PDF 34k).