May 2023 – Dangerous goods compliance

Enecon has extensive experience in the handling and storage of dangerous goods. This month Enecon has been assisting two clients to ensure their operating sites are fully compliant with relevant codes and standards. One client is new, while the other has used Enecon for more than ten years. Assistance includes review of existing measures and recommendations for cost-effective changes or improvements.

February 2023 – Renewable energy

Enecon personnel continue to work on the definition and funding of renewable energy projects in the Pacific. Work has included establishment of a team of experts in landscape rehabilitation and reuse, to complement Enecon’s skills in bioenergy.

October 2022 – Bioenergy

Enecon has carried out prefeasibility work for a potential bioenergy plant in south eastern Australia. The short, desk-top study looked at a range of sizes and operating situations that the client specified. This is one of dozens of similar assignments that Enecon has undertaken for clients around the region over the past twenty-five years.

August 2022 – Technology commercialisation

Enecon is providing ongoing advice to a new company commercialising technology that originated in an Australian university. Assistance is focused on cost-effective scale-up up of this technology.

June 2022 – Biofuel production

Enecon personnel are assisting with work to examine the technical and financial feasibility of biofuel production in Australia. The approach being developed would avoid the difficulties faced by ethanol and biodiesel. It uses low-cost feedstocks and European technology that is already in commercial operation. The proposed fuel upgrading route also offers low cost and a simplified supply chain, to provide low-carbon fuels with no special handing needs or OEM issues.

November 2021 – Process industry project management

Enecon is pleased to be helping a long-term client with the implementation of a new tank farm. We work closely with the client’s on-site engineering team, providing assistance as required with issues such as planning, cost control, scheduling, procurement, layout, operability, fire protection and dangerous goods compliance.

May 2021 – Process industry feasibility study

Enecon is providing expert assistance to a major company that is undertaking a detailed appraisal of an opportunity to make specialised, high value products in Australia. The appraisal team includes personnel from the client, Enecon and the technology providers, as well as estimators and construction experts.

February 2021 – Second-hand plant optimised for reuse

Enecon is assisting a client with modification of a second-hand plant for reuse of flammable waste. Enecon’s work includes review for compliance with relevant standards as well as safe and efficient operation. Activities this month included oversight of the factory tests for associated equipment and control elements before they were sent to site.

September 2020 – New technology evaluation

Enecon has been engaged by a confidential client to assist with scale up and commercial evaluation of a new technology involving high temperature processing. Enecon brings its particular expertise to this project but also forms part of a team, with the technology developer and the client.

May 2020 – Flammable liquid handling

Working with a long-term client, Enecon is evaluating ways to dispose of a liquid waste stream safely, while utilising the energy in the liquid to offset other energy use at the client’s facility. Work involves adaptation of existing and new plant to suit the characteristics of the liquid waste, while meeting the site’s operational, safety and emissions requirements.

April 2020 – Innovative pilot plant design

Enecon is assisting with the engineering of a pilot plant that uses specialised technology for the safe destruction of ozone-depleting chemicals. This work for a long-term client follows engineering and project assistance on two full-scale hazardous waste destruction plants that were built for international customers.

February 2020 – Renewable energy and land rehabilitation for Pacific islands

Enecon personnel continue to lead the development of an innovative renewable energy project in the Pacific region. The dual outcomes for the project will be reliable renewable electricity and landscape repair, addressing major issues of land degradation through invasive woody weeds in particular. Work to date has secured positive responses from community groups, the national government and power company in the target country. Further work is expected during 2020 to meet all due diligence requirements of the supply chain and funding bodies.

December 2019 – Energy efficiency

Enecon assisted a long-standing client with work to optimise process energy use and steam consumption. As with many other assignments for clients with an in-house technical team, Enecon worked closely with the client’s personnel to ensure the work was completed with optimal use of the combined resource.

November 2019 – Low-impact waste disposal

Enecon is providing assistance to a company that generates industrial waste and wishes to dispose of this material in the most environmentally-friendly manner. Enecon has investigated the energy content and combustion characteristics for the waste and considered its use for on-site energy and energy for a range of third parties capable of combusting it in suitable conditions.

July 2019 – Expansion of waste disposal facility

Enecon has been engaged by a long-term client to assist with a significant expansion of existing facilities for the safe disposal of flammable waste liquids and slurries. Enecon personnel will work closely with client’s own project team.

February 2019 – Site optimisation

In one of several assignments for a national waste management company, Enecon has worked alongside client personnel to consider layouts for equipment at an operating facility. Particular focus on hazardous areas and storage and handling of dangerous goods.

December 2018 – Power plant tender

Enecon and colleagues have been shortlisted for a power plant tender in the Pacific. Enecon prepared a bid for bioenergy power plants valued at more than A$50 million.

September 2018 - Anaerobic digestion feasibility study

Enecon has assisted a council that is promoting integrated waste management and energy recovery for businesses in its region. Enecon initially reviewed data for waste feed supply and for energy utilisation by local industry. Enecon then developed a scope of supply for a regional anaerobic digestion facility and performed techno-economic analyses for several alternative plant configurations, supported by conceptual plant designs from experienced vendors.

August 2018 – Effluent management

Enecon has assisted a long-term industrial client with the removal of Perfluoroalkyl Sulfonates (PFAS) from their effluent streams, in response to changed compliance requirements for these chemicals. Work included locating specialist vendors, calling tenders, tender evaluation, process and civil design.

April 2018 – Celebrating 20 years!

It is twenty years since Enecon was established. Over the past two decades we have been fortunate to carry out work for a broad range of clients in industry and government.

A few statistics for the past two decades:

• Assignments in Australia, Pacific countries, Africa.

• Industry sectors include Energy, Chemicals, Mineral processing, Agro-industry.

• Assignments cover: Concept and feasibility work, RD&D, detailed engineering, project management, plant commissioning.

• Multiple awards won in Australia, Asia, UK.

• Longest association with individual client is twelve years (and ongoing).

• Assignment values for individual clients: from several thousand dollars to several million dollars.

• Bioenergy assignments: at well over forty, probably more than any other consultant in Australia.

February 2018 – Waste to energy study

Enecon is undertaking its first assignment in Africa - feasibility study work for gasifiers and anaerobic digestion plants to utilise waste for energy production at an agricultural processing plant.

January 2018 – Specialist advice

Working in a team with the client, Enecon has provided specialist advice for major feed and processing changes at two sites. Enecon provided particular advice on handling of dangerous goods, and hazardous areas classifications.

November 2017 – Bioenergy study

Enecon has been asked to assist a regional council with an assessment of opportunities for bioenergy - to provide a new local business that complements existing forestry in the region and to attract new industry that is keen to take advantage of local renewable energy.

July 2017 - Distillation plant and tankfarm

We are always pleased to receive repeat business, as it shows that we have previously provided good service to a client. In this case a client that has used Enecon for engineering and project work over a number of years has engaged us again; this time to assist with a new flammable liquid distillation plant and associated tank farm.

We are working closely with the client’s personnel to ensure that, between us, all aspects of the project are fully covered. Activities include layout, equipment specification and selection, compliance with relevant standards, and EPA requirements.

May 2017 - Expert advice

Enecon is working with a major law firm to provide expert evidence in a matter involving a confidential Australian process facility. We have provided this type of assistance on a number of occasions.

February 2017 - Biomass supply

Enecon is working with another consultant to investigate biomass supply options for a proposed bioenergy facility. Matters investigated include quantity, quality, location, cost and the interaction between the various forms of biomass residues and the corresponding design and cost of the proposed bioenergy plant.

November 2016 - Assistance with new process plant

Enecon is providing a range of assistance to a client that is building a new manufacturing plant in Australia based on an operating facility in Europe. Activities include advice on local procurement, ensuring compliance for equipment sourced from overseas and waste management options.

September 2016 - Bioenergy Australia

Bioenergy Australia (BA) is the peak national body for bioenergy in the country. At its 2016 annual general meeting Enecon’s Colin Stucley was elected as Chairman of the association. Colin has previously been a member of the management team and the foundation board for BA and looks forward to working with the other board members and BA personnel to further the successful use of bioenergy in all its forms.

August 2016 - Activated carbon

Enecon is helping a confidential client to assess the technical and commercial feasibility of making activated carbon from biomass residues. Initial work is focused on small-scale trials to optimise process conditions and product quality.

May 2016 - Tank farm upgrade

Enecon is providing mechanical and process design services for a client in the hazardous liquid waste industry. Work has included specification of new tanks and mixers, layouts and ensuring compliance with AS 1940.

February 2016 - Bioenergy course work

Enecon’s Colin Stucley presented the bioenergy lecture at the Gottstein Wood Science Course that is run regularly at CSIRO in Clayton, Victoria. Colin has been the bioenergy presenter at this course for more than fifteen years.

December 2015 - Hazardous waste plant

Enecon is working for a major Australian waste management company to assist with the detail design of a hazardous waste processing plant in Sydney.

August 2015 - Cogeneration study

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation has engaged Enecon to lead a study of cogeneration opportunities in meatworks. The study will look at a range of equipment to be incorporated into existing operations or to be included in site expansions.

April 2015 - High-temperature processing module

Enecon was engaged by a confidential client to assist with the detailed design of a modularised processing unit for high temperature destruction of chemical wastes. This custom-built module was made in Australia for an overseas client.