We work across a number of industry sectors: As an indication of our work, we summarise below typical assignments carried out over a twelve month period:

Industry Assignment
  • Biomass power plant pre-feasibility study – feed quality and handling, power plant equipment, contracting options and costs, review of planning, services & utilities
  • Power
  • Biorefinery – design optimisation, equipment sourcing and review for all sections of plant
  • Plant scale up and cost estimates
  • Preliminary design options and costs for pelleting plant
  • Co-ordination of technology development and employment of expert designers for feed preparation equipment
  • Minerals processing
  • Materials handling system redesign and management of rebuild, to allow effective use with new feeds.
  • Remote location site work, fast-tracked to meet client deadlines.
  • Chemical
  • SO2 scrubber: validation of process design
  • Chemical
  • Caustic pipeline: design and specification
  • Chemical
  • Acid tank farm: certification of progress payments
  • Forestry
  • Industry master planning – technology and cost options for biomass processing to electricity, fuels and chemicals
  • Mining
  • Study of remote power options as part of expansion plan for major mining facility
  • Forestry
  • Industry development options study
  • Chemical - Energy
  • Design and development for $45 million process plant and related infrastructure on greenfield site
  • Chemical
  • Reactor design, fabrication management, commissioning
  • Chemical
  • Hazardous liquid storage systems

  • Drum washing system

  • Hazard and operability study
  • Chemical
  • Design and cost estimate review for solids handling plant upgrade
  • Forestry
  • Pre-feasibility study for bioenergy plant
  • Construction
  • Prepare high level construction standards on risk, health and safety for multinational engineering group
  • A partial client listing is provided here and a more general list of our services is provided here