Bioenergy projects typically involve the commitment of millions of dollars. They require definition, costing and optimisation across the supply chain, from biomass inputs to energy outputs.

Every project requires careful planning and development to ensure that final decisions and expenditure are made on the basis of detailed understanding of the project, its opportunities and its risks. Enecon can assist with these activities, looking at options and innovations at each stage of the chain from biomass to heat, electricity, liquid fuels or other products. We can scope and manage studies leading to cost estimates and financial analysis. We can then assist with project implementation, working alongside clients or other consultants to achieve the best project outcomes.

Our assignments have covered work with a wide variety of biomass feeds, including:

We often collaborate with forestry experts for harvesting and transport matters. We can design and cost feed receival, pre-treatment, sizing, drying and storage facilities as required. Importantly, we can integrate feed characteristics with decisions for processing technology.

We have worked with a wide range of technologies for energy and biomass co-products. These include: Our experience ranges from laboratory work and technology scale-up, through evaluation of equipment and systems, to commissioning and optimisation of commercial plants. We combine practical engineering and business skills with a strong environmental commitment, encompassing:

Markets are often the least understood aspect of bioenergy and bioproducts, but they are fundamental to the success of every project.

For bioenergy:

For bioproducts: