Enecon Pty Ltd (Enecon) is an Australian company involved in project development through the provision of innovative technology and engineering. We offer practical engineering skills and commercial experience for the development of sustainable projects and industries in Australia and overseas.

We are active in the utilisation of biomass, such as plantation grown trees and timber industry wastes:

  • to provide renewable energy, as an alternative to energy from fossil fuels
  • to manufacture value added products from biomass - e.g. activated carbons for applications such as water treatment, and charcoal for energy or for industry.

Integrated activated carbon, electricity and eucalyptus oil plant completed in 2006. The plant provides data for the design and operation of subsequent larger plants. The potential for this new industry is significant - multiple plants in dryland agricultural areas providing a range of environmental and community benefits.

We are familiar with a wide range of other technologies for energy and for biomass co-products, including:

  • combustion
  • gasification
  • pyrolysis
  • carbonisation (for charcoal)
  • pellets
  • briquettes
  • cogeneration
  • feed preparation
  • pilot plants and laboratory work

With this technical background and many years of experience we can offer innovation, flexibility and professionalism to help develop new projects: from pre-feasibility studies through to design, construction, commissioning and product marketing. Importantly we also bring genuine enthusiasm to our work - this is what we want to do, and we are proud to be able to help our partners and clients realise projects that benefit many people and help repair our environment.

Each of the major aspects of our company is dealt with in this web site. If you wish to know more about us, or have a specific project enquiry, please click on Contact Us in the menu.

Download the Enecon Bioenergy Brochure (750KB PDF).